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Private lessons are the fastest way to improve your game. My private lessons include a detailed easy to understand video analysis followed by grinding it out on the range to achieve the desired results. I like to use several teaching aids and drills to reach your swing goals. You then receive a comprehensive video lesson summary delivered to your inbox or any preferred smartphone app.

Computer swing analysis

Computer Swing Analysis

Students will also receive FREE access to my Swing Mate website comparing your swings to the best tour professionals in the world. All your swings from each lesson will be uploaded to your free account allowing you to create a history of your progress! The Swing Mate website can be accessed with a laptop, desktop PC and some Android mobile devices. I'm working on making it available to apple phones and ipads soon.

Below are my preferences that are geared towards simplifying the golf swing. There is alot of information out there that is confusing... and often requires unnecessary movement in the golf swing. How each pupil is approached is dependent on many factors such as age, ability, goals, contact, ball flight, frequency of practice, the pupil’s own concepts and so on. The solutions to each pupil’s problems are arrived and based on all these factors and my experience of what generally works, sometimes works and what never works in fixing swing patterns and ball flight.


The posture of the body is critical at set up – poor body angles and positions go a long way to creating most of the problems I see.
My studends often hear me say. "your setup mimmicks your impact position" apart from a little more weight on the left foot. Creating a good fundamental setup with good posture and maintaining these angles through to impact are key. Poor setup and turn causes problems with wrist angles, shaft plane, club face angles resulting in complex match up moves on the downswing.


Increasing the radius of the swing is one of the biggest problems I see. Extension during the backswing directly and negatively affects wrist angles, arm positions, shoulder angles, head angle, direction of weight shift, shaft plane, club face angles – creating a series of changes that have to be compensated for in the downswing.

Weight shift

I prefer weight shift to move around the spine angles established at our preferred address position, not a lateral motion on the backswing. Lateral weight shift, be it with over active knees and feet, hips or the whole body has huge and normally poor effects on arm, shaft and wrist positions in the backswing and again it requires complex matching moves in the downswing.


Maybe the most misunderstood concept in the game. My preference is for the arms to pull the body around a maintained spine angle established by a good address position.Without the proper angles at address, it is impossible for students to turn in the correct direction. Posture and body shape at address are the major factors that influence turn. It is too hard to combine lateral or backward movement of the body on the backswing with rotational movement. Students that shift backward and then around generally move or are pulled out of their original set up angles.

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