swing mate

The fastest way to improve your golf swing is to see it in slow motion, or frame-by-frame compared to a fundamentally correct swing. Swing Mate offers the ability to compare your swing to leading tour players.

The Swing Mate Interface provides super clear video with drawing tools to clearly view differences in your swing compared to the pros. You may also lock the swings together moving both videos simultaneously. Just go online and enter your password to login and view all your swings from the start of your online lessons. To have a look please go to the Swing Mate website.

Swing Mate Interface
Swing Mate Interface

Private Lessons
Swing Mate is great as a follow up to your private golf lesson. Students can access their swings online in the comfort of their own home reviewing a video lesson summary so you never forget the main points and drills you need to work on. Build a history of your progress with before and after swings.

Corporate Golf
Swing Mate is great compliment to any corporate event, capturing all players' swings during the days play from two angles. Each player receives a personal serial number with instructions to visit the Swing Mate website to view their swings and video tips making the day extra special.

On Course Set-Up
Swing Mate On Course

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